Middle and High School: Every Wednesday Night @ 6pm in the Youth Room
Youth Bible Study: Every Sunday Morning @ 9:30am in the Green Room

21 Day Bible Reading Plan

This 21 Day Bible reading plan is a great option to help you get into a groove of reading the Bible daily.  Use it to build yourself up to the next plan.

100 Day Bible Reading Plan

This 100 Day Bible Reading plan is an awesome way to buzz through the whole Bible in a short time period.  You wont read every chapter and verse of the Bible, but you'll get more than you bargained for if you take it seriously, I Promise. 

6 Month Bible Reading Plan

Dig Deeper!! With this 6 month Daily Bible Reading Plan. Get serious and dive in for 6 solid months of Bible study and have your eyes opened to the great and mighty plans of God!!!

Bible Reading Plan 365

GO ALL IN!!  Take a year and you will read your way through the whole Bible.  It takes dedication, but if you are really serious about it you cannot walk away from GOD's WORD unchanged.